How to Speed Up Computer, Laptop and Mobiles

There are lots of ways by which you make your device faster than ever. There are a bunch of applications and software's on the internet, which claim that they are best in making your pc and laptop fast. But nowadays we are living in the Technology world in which nothing is impossible and only just wish and the thing comes true. We are in the era of the internet and here all the things are connected by the technology path. And in technology everything is very quick and rapid in speed. That's why we are in the habit of speed and we need everything fast.

The bullet point of our discussion is how we can make our laptop and computer faster than ever. The internet is completely full of stuff which can be very useful for making our device really fast, like a new device. If your scroll down the internet  hen you’ll find a bomb collection of software and application it. 

Someday we need this type of software and application for making our device fast and smooth working after some period of time. Because after some time the RAM and memory of the computer becomes full of internet cookies and unwanted internet files, So that's why we need this type of thing to make our device fast. The layout of many programs are designed to start with the Boot of the Windows. But now Windows comes by default with the speed booster and optimizers which can play a very important role in the life segment of the device.

Reason by which our device Speed got Effect

There are lots of ways by which our devices get harmed and which can affect the speed of our device. If we are talking about the speed of the device then we need to know about the reason for decreasing the speed of the device and also know the ways by which we can make our device faster.

Is Malware and Virus the Reason?

In this statement we are dropping some light on this. According to the research Yes, we can say that malware and viruses might be the reason for decreasing the speed of laptop and computer. Malware and Virus affect our computer and laptop and other IT devices like mobile phones in many ways. There are lots of viruses which are roaming in the internet for attacking someone's device.  

Virus and malware can attack on various types for example:-

  • These can attack mainly on the memory of the device. Which can be the result of decreasing the speed of the device.

  • Hanging and Slugging can occur on the devices.

  • Repetative activity automatically takes place.

  • Free Space of the device becomes occupied automatically.

  • Too much time consumption in booting process  

Easy ways which can Boost Up your Device

Choice is your, Either you can afford expensive ways or Free ways to boost up the device. Yes, there are lots of free and costly ways by which you can make your device optimized. If we are talking about this types of 2 ways then firstly we are going to start by the costly ways:-

  1. Paid ways:- You can go for the paid version of software's and application.

  2. Free ways:- You can optimize your device by help of inbuilt pc optimizer. Or by deleting cookies of the internet and unwanted files of the internet from your device and your web browsers.  

What about Defragment of Hard Disks?

Yes, this is another way by doing we can make our device ready to speed. Defragment is the process in which we can make devices fast. In Defragment we make our device hard drive as systematic and arranged hard drive and systematic and arranged hard drive are smooth running in comparison of without defrag. 

But there are other terms and conditions in defragmentation. Yes, defragmentation is only done within the (HDD)Hard Drive not in the SSD(Solid State Drive). Because the HDD has moving parts and the SSD doesn't and it has already made the device faster in comparison to the HDD.

Upgrading of HDD to SSD?

This is the main point in the topic. SSD stands for Solid State Drive and the main difference between HDD and SSD is that HDD have moving parts in it and SSD haven't any moving part. And nowadays every laptop and computer comes with it. But It is too much expensive in its price but we are definitely recommend it if you're gamer and wants more speed of your device. Upgradation into SSD is the best ways to increase device speed.


In this whole discussion we are understanding the causes of decreasing the speed of the device and How to make the system optimized by using free and paid. Both are good ways but it depends on person to person and according to the person’s preference and if we are suggestion then we'll go for upgrading HDD to SSD instead of upgrading ram and other hardware and all that stuff like software and all.

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